Hawks With Good Intentions

by I See Hawks in L.A.



Paul and Victoria from I See Hawks in L.A. first met Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk of The Good Intentions at a house party in the chaparral foothills of Sierra Madre, CA. The Liverpool folk duo and the psychedelic west coast country rockers soon became fast friends, sharing stages from UK folk clubs to Pappy & Harriets in the California high desert.

One evening in Hawks lead singer Rob Waller's Highland Park garage studio, Rob, Paul Lacques and Peter sat down with guitars and some trepidation, suddenly out of their comfort zones, and came up with the beginnings of "White Cross" and "Rolling The Boxcars," amidst much laughter and the chaos of the Waller children.

After this promising start and the Liverpudlians' return to Liverpool, the songwriting process migrated to the cold digital theater of the internet--lyrics and mp3s bouncing back and forth across the Atlantic by the hundreds, nestled amidst internet spams and bank statements. The irony of creating heartfelt folk music through cyber connection was not lost on any of us.

As the email threads mushroomed, the Hawks and Good Intentions discovered the subtle and at times gaping differences between English and American musical sensibilities, phrasing and idioms, as well as quirks (defects?) in their own personalities and hardened songwriting habits. Both groups shared an appreciation for nuanced shadings of words, and tiny but dire quibbles on a single word or phrase accompanied every stanza. The heated if wit-defused discussions were a learning experience for all, including Hawks bassist Paul Marshall and drummer Victoria Jacobs.

What emerged was a song crafting process more deliberative and careful than the Hawks have ever been disciplined enough to undertake.  Where Paul L and Rob often revel in their reckless irreverence for traditional forms,  Peter employs a more careful and thoughtful process. The results were different from songs either group had written before. The CD, beautifully mixed and mastered by four time Grammy winner Alfonso Rodenas, is sparse and lush.

The Good Intentions are one of UK's top foik bands. Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk have been voted Best Americana Band by the British Country Music Awards. They've released four albums produced by L.A.'s own Rick Shea with the cream of the crop of L.A. roots musicians.

I See Hawks In L.A. have released eight critically acclaimed CDs since their high desert conception 20 years ago, and were named to MOJO Magazine's 2018 Top Ten Americana Releases for "Live And Never Learn." They were just named Best Country Band in Los Angeles by the L.A. Weekly.



released June 20, 2019

Produced by I See Hawks In L.A. and The Good Intentions
Recorded by Paul Lacques, Alun Parry, Paul Marshall, and Brian Roberts
Mixed and mastered by Alfonso Rodenas
Artwork by John Curry

Peter Davies lead vocal 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 bg vocs 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
Rob Waller lead vocal 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 bg vocs 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 guitar 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10
Paul Lacques lead guitar, lap steel, dobro, slide guitars; bg vocs 2, 5, 7, 10
Paul Marshall bass; bg vocs 1, 2, 4, 5, 9
Victoria Jacobs lead vocals 6; drums 2
Gabrielle Monk bg vocs 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9

Richie Lawrence accordion 6, 8
Gabe Witcher fiddle 4

1. Blue Heaven 3:59 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
2. Things Like This 3:56 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
3. Rolling The Boxcars 5:07 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
4. Rambling Girl 2:57 (Davies/Lacques)
5. Steel Rails 3:48 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
6. Hills On Fire 4:59 (Jacobs/Lacques)
7. White Cross 3:38 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
8. Flying Now 2:54 (Davies/Lacques/Waller)
9. Epiphany On Town Hall Square 3:02 (Davies/Lacques)
10. Will You Watch Over Me From Above 3:43 (Lacques/Waller)

All songs c 2019 Good Intentions and I See Hawks In L.A.
Robin Lucy Music (BMI), Clumsy Heart Music (ASCAP), PRS


all rights reserved



I See Hawks in L.A. Los Angeles, California

I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. formed in the first year of the 21st century on a desert journey that has led to seven releases, UK/Europe and U.S. tours, and way too much fun. Alt country folk rock with rich harmonies and a way outsider approach to Americana. See them live! www.iseehawks.com ... more

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Track Name: Blue Heaven
Do you remember the times when we used to say
That there was nothing but songs and dreams and days
We had guitars and we flew with the Hawks, and hey

It was blue blue heaven

We hit the road on a bright blue September day
We made our money and we spent it in the same cafes
Got a sweet ride from Austin to Asheville, and hey

It was blue blue heaven
It was blue blue heaven

We didn't mind when the weather didn't go our way
Cold nights were mellow with the kindness of strangers
We had a little tune that would make our fortune, and hey

It was blue blue heaven
It was blue blue heaven

When the big old birds would fly towards the horizon
It was time and we would follow
Pack it up and say goodbye
Start again
I see them soaring over me
Like it was yesterday
Sometimes I swear I'm ready to
Rise up and fly away
Track Name: Things Like This
395's a mighty long road
Runs straight as a broken arrow
South from the edge of Canada
Lonely to Hesperia
That's California

If you don't know it that's okay
People take it to get away
Get away from everything
A hundred bucks for the diamond ring
And fifty for the silver

Neighbors said that he'd been having trouble off and on
Lost his job in China Lake, lost his mind at dawn
Sheriff said there'd only been three murders all year long
Things like this don't happen around here
Things like this don't happen round here

Ridgecrest bakes in the desert sun
Four new ghosts in a stucco dump
Suspect phoned the cops and said
You and me will both be dead
Before this day is over

Forty miles of high speed fun
Playing chicken with a shotgun
Fired at the troopers on his tail
Three time loser won't make bail
He sure won't make Nevada


Eight miles north of the 58
Is a good a place as any to meet your fate
The hostages would both survive
Suspect got his rain of fire
When he pulled over

Track Name: Rolling The Boxcars
Rolling the boxcars, rolling the boxcars
Find me an angel to bless my bones

Well the Saginaw Chippewa welcomed me in
To the new Soaring Eagle, like an old long lost friend
Turned my last pay check into green chips and gin

Digging for copper on the Yellow Dog Plains
Kennecott's got me for a year and a day
But tonight's alright, I'm the shooter again

Rolling the boxcars, rolling the boxcars
Throwing the hard way to get me back home
Rolling the boxcars, rolling the boxcars
Find me an angel to bless my bones

I kept throwing numbers, Big Red stayed away
I was the hero, king for a day 
The eye in the sky didn't see things my way

Fifty on the yo, stickman's got to go
And the house always knows when to mess with my mojo
When I threw the first punch, it was the last thing I'd throw


Isabella County Jail is mighty cold when you can't make bail
They were on me so fast, covering the cash
At least I'll never go down that black mining shaft

For a year's good behavior I'll be back on my way
And the warden says "Boy, keep a-counting your days"
But there's a game on the yard if you've something to play
Track Name: Rambling Girl
Don't you fall in love with a ramblin boy
That's what your mama said
He will take you to the fallen side of town

And the only thing he will ever crave
Is a lonely road to an empty grave
With pretty girls like you to lay him down

But remember
You're a rambling girl
If I'm not mistaken
You're a rambling girl

Your mama said that love's a toy
When you fall in love with a rambling boy
He falls in love like most folk drink water

But I'll tell you why he blows your mind
He's the only one that's left alive
Running free and sleeping out of doors

You got to sleep out doors
Sleep out doors
Cause you're a rambling girl
A rambling girl
Don't you forget it
You're a rambling girl

Well you saw him when his bike went down
You were walking in the square and now
He's making tea and telling tales of glory

And you write your mama now and then
She's waiting for that autumn wind
That brings you home a faded morning glory

She don't get it
You're a ramblin girl
Don't you forget it
You're a ramblin girl
Yeah, blowin his mind
You're a rambling girl
Tell me what happened
You're a rambling girl
Track Name: Steel Rails
Steel rails
Steel rails
Still sing their lonesome song
But the times
The times are moving on

Sacramento lullaby
I hear the whistle where I lie
Dreaming I was riding through the rain
Hobo east to meet the Katy
Almost caught that mystery lady
But no one's coming down those tracks again

Old whistle stops where no one stops
On Iowa winter plains
But the big box store in South Sioux City's almost done
The highways roar to golden shores
12 lane ribbons passing for the future
But the future sure ain't what it used to be


Granite hills and avalanche
Above the Donner Pass again
A hundred yards of boulder stopped the C.P. cold
The west was won with blood and bullets
Letters forged and triggers pulled
It only took 100 years to pacify

Drifters out in Santa Cruz
When they get them cosmic blues
They know where to take their worried mind

Cook your bacon on the tracks
Wooden trestle, lay on back
Dig that California sky
Track Name: Hills On Fire
We haven’t had a drop of rain
In this whole year
The hills are brown and the air is still
Oh how I wish that it would rain
Oh how I wish that it would rain

Hills on fire
And the sun is red
Hills on fire
Riding on the desert wind
Hills on fire

The embers blow and hit the roof
Across the canyon night
The sirens sing a song for the coyotes in flight
There's no shelter from a burning sky
There's no shelter from a burning sky


The only sight of water is the tears from my eyes
The drops roll down on the dry black soil
And a green blade of grass starts to grow
And a green blade of grass starts to grow

Track Name: Flying Now
My bed has been made
With the last of my dreams
I can see a few stars
Through the wind in the tree
I'm flying now

When I left my home
I was just seventeen
Now I'm cashing in bottles
On a Frogtown street
I'm flying now

The girl that I loved
She was faithless and cruel
Well that suited me fine
I'm a natural fool
But I'm flying now
Yeah I'm flying now
I'm flying now

No one can touch me
No one can touch me
The pale blue yonder
Says bye bye love

I just might grow old
My face carries the lines
Of the winds that have whipped me
Now they push from behind
And I'm flying now
Flying now
Track Name: Epiphany On Town Hall Square
Epiphany on Town Hall Square
Just another lonely winter dawn
Don't you wish that you'd been there
When a holy child was born

Why'd he come in still of night?
On darkest day, in lowest light?
Never like the lilies will I be
And my childhood grips me still

January takes my soul
Bestills the winds like fallen snow
The days grow longer, colder, promising
Of the summer grass to come
Of the summer grass to come

Of the wine and then the better wine
Of the twenty years of wandering
Of the poet on the mount
Of the boughs upon the desert road
Of the sleepless night and empty tomb
My childhood grips me still
My childhood grips me still

Epiphany on Town Hall Square
Just another lonely winter dawn
Don't you wish that you'd been there
When a holy child was born
Track Name: Will You Watch Over Me From Above
Will you watch over me from above?
Will you watch over me from above?

The good seem to leave in winter
leave no trace leave no splinter
Just the light they left on
For the grieving
Left the light on
As they were leaving

Will you watch over me from above?
Will you watch over me from above?

The kind seem to disappear in the spring
Take a quick and a sudden gentle wing
While the buds start to hint
At the new life
Farewell the old life
Godspeed the true wife

And why a summer day
To board that westbound train
I guess she couldn't wait for the evening
Sweet summer evening

Will you watch over me from above?
Will you watch over me from above?

The shadows of the fall grow taller
Might seep into the hall and the hollow
And letting go might feel like a promise
Of the answer waiting for all of us

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